BRIDGE 19's (minus Joey Thienman) Live Live Louisville performance

on Saturday, October 10 was in support of: BRIDGEHAVEN MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES

ROBBY COX & THE RECKONING's Live Live Louisville performance

on Saturday, September 26 was in support of: LOUISVILLE GROWS

Since 2009, LOUISVILLE GROWS has been working to fill the gaps of inequality that exist in parts of the area's urban landscape.

Helping to rebuild the tree canopy in neighborhoods most impacted by Urban Heat Island Effect ensures cleaner air, better soil quality,

protection from solar heat and damage and provides a basis for securing healthy and efficient food resources. Working directly with residents to advocate and educate, Louisville Grows is the only local environmental non-profit planting trees on public and private properties in the area.

Kenyatte Simuel, vice president of Louisville Grows, joined our stream to provide a quick outline of the services the organization offers to the public to encourage greener, healthier, thriving neighborhoods.

The Live Live Louisville performance by musicians from


on Saturday, September 19 was in support of: KAMS

Thank you MAXWELL'S HOUSE OF MUSIC for your sponsorship for this event.

215 W. Spring St.

New Albany, IN 47130

The Kentuckiana Association of Musicians and Singers (KAMS) wants to ensure that everybody with any musical ambition gets the opportunity and encouragement to fulfill that desire.

KAMS provides a wide range of programs and classes for budding musicians and singers, including access to a rehearsal site,  use of instruments and equipment, music lessons and much more - all at no charge.

KAMS founder and director Owen Heritage was here for the live stream to provide updates on KAMS' new community facility and to highlight some of the programs they currently offer. Owen also provided keyboard

accompaniment for vocalist Joann de Jesus and violinist Rachel Hofmeister, who alternated performing during their captivating one-hour live stream show.

No excuses. If you're yearning to explore music or sing, but don't know where to start, 

KAMS can be your first step.

ROBBY COX's Live Live Louisville performance

on Friday, September 11 was in support of: SMOKETOWN FAMILY WELLNESS CENTER

Thank you to TINY HEROES & PEACHES THE UNICORN for your support for this event.

760 S. Hancock St., Ste B100

Louisville, KY 40203

(502) 242-7458

Smoketown Family Wellness Center (SFWC), a non-profit pediatric medical facility, provides educational programs and clinical care for children, with a focus on healthy lifestyle behavior for the entire family. 

Identifying family needs, providing medical care and evaluations and conducting wellness classes are just some of the services SFWC offers from their safe, community-based facility to help children and their families lead healthy lives and build continued resilience.

Thank you pediatrician "Dr. Charlotte" Stites for joining our stream to outline all of the great services the organization provides and for bringing your commitment, compassion and devotion to this cause and the families you serve.


ROBBY COX's Live Live Louisville performance

on Saturday, September 5 was in support of: GILDA'S CLUB KENTUCIANA

Named in honor of Saturday Night Live original cast member, Gilda Radner, who died from ovarian cancer in 1989, GCK offers over 100 free monthly programs, now virtual, providing vital social and emotional support for families living with cancer.

CEO Karen Morrison and her daughter Kinsey joined the stream to share their story and their own discovery of the significant role laughter has in helping those impacted by cancer.

ROBBY COX's Live Live Louisville performance

on Saturday, August 22 was in support of: YOUTHBUILD LOUISVILLE

Thank you CLAYTON & LAMBERT MFG CO for your sponsorship donation for this event.


800 S. Preston St.

Louisville, KY 40203

(502) 290-6121

YouthBuild Louisville is a community-based non-profit that offers assistance to the area's youth between the ages of 18 and 24, helping them meet life goals such as college and career prep, by providing them with services in education, vocational training, community service, case management, placement and post-graduation support.

YBL programs are designed to encourage positive, meaningful and productive lives for their current participants and alumni well into their adulthood, with the goal of seeing them thrive.

Thank you Lynn Rippy, President and CEO of YouthBuild Louisville, for joining our live stream to share how important YBL is for youth in our community. Go to their website or Facebook page to learn more. 

ROBBY COX & THE RECKONING's Live Live Louisville performance

on Saturday, August 15 was in support of: THE CENTER FOR WOMEN AND FAMILIES

Kentuckiana's Rape Crisis

& Domestic Violence Center

The Center for Women and Families is a rape crisis and domestic violence center, available through their emergency hotline 24/7, 365 days of the year. They offer temporary, safe emergency housing for adults and their dependent family members fleeing intimate partner violence or recovering from sexual assault. The center also works with the Kentucky Humane Society to provide up to 60 days of temporary foster care for the pets of families fleeing domestic violence.

Special thanks to Erin Cooper from the center, who joined the live stream to share information about the programs and services her organization provides for the community. #ibelieveyou #everydayadvocate

Their hospital and trauma-informed advocacy programs are available 24 hours a day, serving victims of sexual assault in the Kentuckiana area, including Jefferson, Oldham, Bullitt, Shelby, Tremble, Henry and Spencer counties in Kentucky and Clark and Floyd counties in Indiana.

The Center provides counseling and therapy services from skilled and trained counselors and licensed mental health professionals and other support services for individuals and families affected by sexual assault and violence.

1-844-BE-SAFE-1  ~  502-581-7222 KY  ~  812-944-6743 IN


ROBBY COX & THE RECKONING's Live Live Louisville performance

on Saturday, August 8 was in support of: A RECIPE TO END HUNGER

Thank you to THE ACADEMY OF LOUISVILLE for your sponsorship donation for this event.

With one in four American kids living in a food insecure household, A Recipe To End Hunger is dedicated to making sure that children in the community aren't going without the daily nutrition they need to thrive.

Through fundraising events, sponsorship programs and sales from "A Recipe To End Hunger" cookbooks - a compilation of recipes from chefs, celebrities and famous restaurants - this organization strives to have a broad impact by working with other organizations, like Dare To Care and Blessings In A Backpack.

Co-founder Dawne Gee, a news anchor and community champion unable to turn her back on any important cause, shares the heart breaking story of a six-year-old boy who said he ate paper to relieve his hunger pangs. Please watch her video below.

A recent study from the Census Bureau indicated that as of July 21, 2020, 30 million Americans, or nearly 10 per cent of the population, faced food insecurity - the highest number recorded since the bureau started tracking on May 5 of this year.

Watch Dawne Gee's video here.


You can purchase "A Recipe To End Hunger" cookbook on Amazon - or better yet, check out with AmazonSmile and select A Recipe To End Hunger as the non-profit you want Amazon to donate a percentage of your purchases to every time you shop there - at no additional cost to you!


ROBBY COX'S Live Live Louisville performance on Friday, July 17 was in support of:


Founded by Amanda Mills, a homeless outreach specialist, Southend Street Angels serves the destitute citizens of Shively, PRP, Valley Station, New Cut and Outer Loop areas on Tuesday evening.

Rain or snow, heat wave or frigid temperatures, Southend Street Angels can be counted on to help provide food, clothing and other items they collect through donations to those in need. Serving the homeless further, they provide cold checks in the winter, year-round safety checks and transportation to shelters, a donation pantry as well as access to other outreach and community services. Offering basic need items & hope!

Current crucial drop-off donation needs include non-perishable food items, socks, deodorant, sleeping bags & tents.

Donate at

Drop off donations welcome.



ROBBY COX'S Live Live Louisville performance on Saturday, July 11 was in support of:


SeniorCare Experts has provided support and services for senior citizens in and around Louisville for 46 years, becoming an integral part of a vast, aging community.

With a mission to help enable seniors to live a healthy, comfortable and fulfilling life at home, SCE ensures they receive trusting care and that adequare safety

measures are implemented to meet their individual needs. From daily check-ins to advice and counsel, SCE's professional staff and volunteers aim to ensure individuals maintain their sense of dignity and are provided with assistance to ease the stresses that can come with aging.

Currently serving more than 600 clients and their families, SCE not only provides their own home help services - meal delivery, medical alert systems, medication dispensing, needs assessments and a range of non-medical care - they also have access to many of the community's other resources.

145 Thierman Lane, Louisville, KY 40207

(502) 896-2316

ROBBY COX'S Live Live Louisville performance on Saturday, June 27 was in support of:


FEAT (Families for Effective Autism Treatment) of Louisville was founded in 1999 by a small group of parents seeking solutions for the multitude of complex medical and educational challenges faced by their children with autism.

Since then, FEAT has established a strong membership and grown to support and fund programs for the entire family.

FEAT also created the Autism Friendly Business Initiative, a program designed to encourage awareness and educate the community about autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

ROBBY COX's Live Live Louisville performance

on Friday, June 20 was in support of: VETERAN'S CLUB.

Their mission: to forge strong bonds amongst the veteran community and to help those who suffer with PTSD heal through the equine and other programs they provide for them.

Since the covid outbreak, the volunteer-based Veteran's Club has modified their popular equine therapy program to offer veterans private one-hour sessions. These sessions, with more than 100 veterans participating, provide a time to quiet the mind and encourage tranquil calmness through the healing powers of the human-animal bond.

Veteran's Club is also behind Camp Restoration, Louisville's first tiny home community for homeless veterans that broke ground this year off Dixie Highway. Converting shipping containers into housing, the project is expected to be completed and start taking residents some time next year. For more information on all of the program they offer, please go to their website.

ROBBY COX's Live Live Louisville performance

on Friday, June 5 was in support of: RAK LOUISVILLE.

Andrew Dunn was only in the fifth grade in 2012 when he founded RAK (Random Acts of Kindness) Louisville. Andrew recognized early the impact any good deed could have in bringing positive change to a person's day to day life. Through RAK Louisville, he challenged the area's youth to become more engaged in some of the community's outreach projects and contribute in meaningful and fulfilling ways.

Andrew's movement has proven enough of an impact on Louisville to have December 23 proclaimed Random Acts of Kindness Day by the city. Andrew continues his mission to help those in need and encourage Random Acts of Kindness of all sizes throughout the community every day.

LAURIE JANE & CORT DUGGINS' Live Live Louisville performance on May 23 was in support of:

Hildegard House, St. John Center for Homeless Men & Uniting Partners For Women And Children

Providing compassionate

end of life care and support

for homeless individuals or

those without loved ones

to care for them,

Hildigard House

is Kentucky's first and only

comfort care home.

Filling a critical gap

in the system,

their services are free, 

funded entirely by donations,

and not billed to Medicare, 

private insurance or individuals.

Each resident of Hildegard House

is provided with a hospice team

to help them through

their last months of life

to ensure they die

in comfort and with dignity.

St. John Center

for Homeless Men

has opened its doors

to destitute men since 1986.

The center provides them day shelter

and access to hot showers,

phone calls, mail and fresh coffee,

as well as essential supplies

like socks, underwear

and personal hygiene products. 

St. John Center also provides 

a social services hub,

supplying their guests with

access to community resources, services and programs

in hopes of finding them

housing and employment

so they can leave

 homelessness for good.

Uniting Partners 

For Women and Children

provides a place of refuge

during the day for

women and children

facing homelessness.

Visitors have access 

to basic needs

such as restrooms,

showers and laundry and

a safe, calm place to rest.

UP also connects visitors with support groups

to advise on various resources available to help equip them with skills to achieve empowerment and self-sufficiency and

 reclaim their lives.

BRIDGE 19's Live Live Louisville performance on Friday, May 8 was in support of:

The Forgotten Louisville, Keep Louisville Warm & The Lee Initiative

Volunteers with

the Forgotten Louisville​ hit the streets every Wednesday night, getting whatever food and supplies they've collected through donations out to those in need.

Serving "the hurting,

the addicted, the lost,

the lonely, and homeless,"

the Forgotten Louisville

 ensures that no matter someone's past or circumstances, each person will be accounted for and offered whatever resources are available to get them through their tough times and be given the opportunity to be pointed in the direction of a better future.

Keep Louisville Warm

is a small volunteer-run 

outreach organization

that serves the homeless and

those in need every Saturday,

providing hot meals,

snack sacks and essential items

like personal hygiene products,

socks, underwear, clothing, 

tents and camping gear.

No one is turned away

no judgment cast,

no questions asked.

Keep Louisville Warm

feeds between 150-200

people per week and

is on call 24 hours a day 

for those who need them. 

Keep Louisville Warm 502-835-4829

​Across the country,

the Lee Initiative's

Restaurant Workers Relief Program

organizes out of restaurants 

located in major cities,

including Louisville's 610 Magnolia,

turning them into relief centers

for restaurant workers who've been laid off or seen their work hours

or pay cut back significantly.

 Founded by Chefs Edward Lee & Lindsey Ofcacek, the Lee Initiative 

currently provides food and basic necessities to help the families of service workers affected by COVID-19.

Offering dinners along with supplies,

the Lee Initiative runs their operations 7 days a week during a

wide range of hours.

ROBBY COX's Live Live Louisville performance on Friday, May 1 was in support of:

The Animal Care Society, Humane Society of Oldham County & My Dog Eats First

The Animal Care Society was founded in 1984 and is Louisville's first no-kill animal rescue.

The ACS's mission is to provide quality attention and medical care for dogs and cats in need

of rescue and to place them in life-long loving homes.

This volunteer-based operation relies on donations and community support to continue their pet adoption programs and animal awareness campaigns in and around the city of Louisville.

​This year will mark the 17th anniversary of their famous

Bark In The Park annual event in celebration of all things canine!

For over 30 years, the

Humane Society of Oldham County

has served the vast rural community beyond the City of Louisville.

The volunteer-based organization was the first no-kill rescue in OC and continues to expand its services to benefit animals and pet owners in the many rural communities it serves.

The HSOC's low-cost spay/neuter clinics have been key in reducing the number of unwanted & homeless pets in the area.

Many of the rescue dogs that graduate from their KSR Camp K-9 program have gone on to become highly adoptable family pets, as well as therapy and service dogs to those in need through the 4 PAWS 4 SERVICE program.

​Founded in 2015 by a woman so compelled when she witnessed a homeless man feed his dog

before he ate a donated meal himself,

My Dog Eats First 

believes in the healing power of pets and the unconditional love

and companionship

they give to their people.

MDEF's mission is to provide pet food, supplies, basic vaccinations and spay/neuter services for the pets of the homeless and underserved in the Louisville community.

MDEF also works alongside the city's other outreach organizations to ensure the safety and welfare of  humans and animals alike.

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