Add your performance

to the lineup!

Musicians wishing to live stream a performance with

Live Live Louisville must meet 1 of 3 requirements

& agree to the conditions below:

1) Friday night performers are asked to have a minimum 2,000 followers on their social media pages.


2) Saturday night performers are asked to have a minimum 2,500 followers on their social media pages.


3) Sunday matinee performers are asked to have a minimum 1,000 followers on their social media pages and/or provide appropriate musical content for all age family viewing.

Performers streaming from home will be required to provide their own gear and recording device, ie iPhone, iPad, laptop that can be hooked up to an internet connection.

Protect others by protecting yourself.

Live Live Louisville asks and insists that personal and public health and safety be a top priority when planning a performance for a Live Live Louisville concert, especially when it involves multiple performers.


Please do not plan on performing away from your home or with other performers if you have not been practicing social distancing. Or if you are sick or don't feel well and have been sick or not felt well in the past three weeks. Or if you have been exposed to someone who may be sick or doesn't feel well or who has come in contact with a person who lives with someone who takes care of someone who just had a visit from someone who may be sick. Be well. Stay well.

If multiple musicians are performing, they must exhibit social distancing by remaining a minimum 6 feet apart from each other during their performance. This excludes those who live together and have had regular exposure to each other.

If you meet the criteria and agree with the above and 

you wish to live stream a Live Live Louisville performance,

contact our stream team by filling out the form below or

email us at for details.

*Venues will be discussed and decided based on what's available at the time.

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