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Was your biggest annual fundraiser postponed or cancelled because of the pandemic? Are you looking for a way to engage the community along with your members and supporters while respecting current guidelines and restrictions? Do you believe in the power of music?

A live stream concert in support of your non-profit organization is the opportunity to highlight your cause and current needs by inviting viewers to virtually attend a scheduled performance. A Live Live Louisville musical performance can be a single awareness event or incorporated as an accompaniment to a scheduled fundraising campaign - whether it's a week-long effort or a one-day affair. With the current restrictions on live venue gatherings, a live stream concert can be an uplifting culmination in celebration of your cause.

We invite a representative from each non-profit (along with a guest if they choose), to give a brief in-person presentation during the live stream to outline the cause and provide information to bring awareness to their most current and crucial needs. Covid-19 health mandates and recommendations are adhered to during the stream, with a current limit of 10 guests, including the musicians, for the backyard gathering. Masks, hand sanitizer, ample spaced seating and light refreshments are provided or you can bring your own. The live streams run 90 minutes from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

We provide your organization with promotional material to invite members and post on your website, social media, send through email or share from our Facebook page - whatever you can do to encourage your supporters to engage. We are currently not charging for this service, but ask that you consider a donation if your budget allows to go to the musicians, who sign on for free or minimal charge to help support your cause.


Live Live Louisville live streams are free to the public to view on our website and Facebook page. Our website offers a secure pay wall (Square Online) at for donations and tips, starting at a $3 minimum to help us recover e-commerce costs. Receipts are provided from Derbylou Productions. We also encourage donations be made directly to the cause at their website or current fundraising campaign.

If you are a registered 501(c)(3) organization in the Kentuckiana area interested in learning more about a Live Live Louisville live stream concert in support of your cause, use the form below and provide your the name of your organization and telephone and email contact information.

Keeping Louisville kind - one cause at a time.

(Private live stream concerts requiring links for viewing can also be arranged but are not part of this series. Contact our stream team for more info at


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